Improv Suggestions App Reviews

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Needs updates

Basic app that does a basic function nicely. But how hard would it be to add more suggestions in each category from time to time?!


I have a very small improv team, and this app is great for getting scene suggestions during practice without an audience. A lot of material to work from, and I love how it is divided into categories. Thanks for making my life easier!!

Pretty Good

I plan to use this for my improv class. Easy to use just keep tapping the buttons for ideas. I think it just uses fairly generic lists, as some of the suggestions are not practical for improv (e.g. some professions are medical specialists with long latin names).

A must have!

I've done improv comedy for several years now and I can honestly say that it is a must have for anyone wanting suggestions for workshop material or character developement. Although as an improv comedian you gotta think on your feet, this is a great app for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.

One of a kind application!

No where else on the Internet can you find quick suggestions like this to practice improv. The unbiased random suggestions of this app are perfect for solo or group practice before you face an angry crowd weary of awful stand-up. This app is perfect for practicing tehniques in training without requiring an audience for suggestions. An impossible to predict starting point is an improver's bestest friend!

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